/Advisory & Consultancy

We have a pool of highly skilled and experienced professionals and with our specialised knowledge and experience, we are able to provide you with pragmatic and innovative solutions to various types of issue or problems.

Our team of professionals have experience in all facets of management for the private industry, commerce, government as well as quasi-government bodies and even non-profit institutions.

This means that we can customise our services to match your needs. So, we can provide you with advisory and consultancy services that will help you to assess your business processes, identify weakness & risk, improve your financial performances, manage risks and improve the value of the business.

/Corporate Secretarial

Corporate Secretary function is a highly important area in both small and large businesses, since it covers reporting, disclosure and compliance obligations of legislation and regulations.

As Company Secretaries, we always keep the Board of Directors informed of their legal requirement and responsibilities - in other words, we keep you out of trouble! (from a Statutory point of view). You can rest assured that our experienced professionals will not only consult you of the best practices of company ethics and compliance with the relevant corporate legislation, but will also help you to address your needs and requirements for your further business expansion and diversification.


Efficient and responsible Project Management is key to any successful enterprise delivery. No matter how carefully planned a project is, without the competent supervision and coordination of all phases of the project implementation, a project is likely to become a headache.

The use of Project Management support techniques gives better initial planning and assessment risks by providing a greater chance of forecasting problem areas while there is time to take corrective action. This also allows flexibility for alternative modes of operation. The project management services offered by ART concentrate on three prime issues of managing time, cost and resources.
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